In the Future there will be many more amounts of technology created and with more technology comes more problems.I will Be focusing on Advances in getting around the world. I think that cars will be made that drive themselves causing the most comfort for people. But with cars that drive themselves there is bound to be some problems that come upon these.Some of the problems are how would they run Gas? Electricity? Something unknown to the world yet. who knows what it will run on but it could be anything.How would this car protect the people inside if it ever stopped working. I think that the cars would be so advanced that car crashes would be very rare to happen making the crashes that do happen more likely to survive and also adding more protection inside to make it safer.


Some of the problems of this though would be exactly how would they know where everything is and how to not crash would all cars go the same speed. would we control the speed.a problem would be if the source of direction for the car broke.Then anyone in the car would be in danger making cars that drive themselves a harder type of car to make without the money to buy necessary resources to make the car.

This would impact society in a lot of great ways but also in a lot of bad ways. some of the good ways is it would prevent a lot of deaths making it so that the world is a lot safer to drive and walk around. On the downside a lot of jobs involving driving places would be taken away because there is no need for them like taxi's,Delivery men and semi truck drivers. The loss of these careers would take the amount of people without jobs to a lower amount.

Cars that drive themselves has been researched for many years and is just starting to be made. There has been reports of cars driving themselves from place to place not far distances though. Some of these cars look futuristic and some look like any other car. many car companies are competing to make cars that drive themselves. Some have already been made but not mass produced because safety measures are still being met for maximum safety.


Some of the solutions that will eventually happen is probably making some of the cars run off of solar panels if in a warm climate saving gas and other important resources.More satellites Would probably be sent up into space to help navigate the cars and the more satellites there is the safer the driving would be with advancements in satellites would come advancements in Driving cars.

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